Siesta Coffee Fresh Ground & Whole Bean Coffee For Cafetière’s, French Press, Aero and Home Filter Machines, Coarse Pre-Ground Robusta & Arabica Blend Caffeinated Coffee

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  • SIESTA COFFEE - HAND ROASTED GROUND COFFEE FOR HOME FILTER MACHINES, CAFETIÈRES/FRENCH PRESS OR AEROPRESS, 1 x 250G BAG - Our pre-ground coffee is now available to enjoy at home! Coarse ground coffee for home coffee-brewing in cafetières, AeroPress and home drip-filter machines. Contains: 1 x 250g bag of ground coffee packed into a resealable bag for maximum freshness.
  • PREMIUM ROASTED COFFEE - SPECIALIST ARTISAN ROBUSTA AND ARABICA BEANS - PRE-GROUND - Our artisan, caffeinated coffee is a blend of quality Arabica and Robusta beans roasted to a full chestnut colour which produces a full-flavoured, perfectly balanced coffee with a rich body, strong aroma and creates a lovely thick crema. Our coffee experts roast our premium coffee beans in small batches to keep the aroma strong & fresh, creating a silky-smooth yet rich, intense flavoured and luxurious coffee.
  • RESEALABLE ZIP-LOCK BAG FOR MAXIMUM FRESHNESS – Our packaging has an easy ‘lift and pull’ one-way air valve opening that can be resealed to ensure your pre-ground coffee is as fresh as the day it was roasted. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS - To enjoy our coffee at its best please do not refrigerate or freeze your coffee as contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate. Avoid storing your coffee in clear canisters as these allow direct light in which will also compromise the taste of your coffee.
  • ABOUT SIESTA COFFEE - Established in 2015, we are a family run business who are renowned for our coffee, and we take pride in our products. Our family run coffeehouses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere. We pride ourselves on genuine service, an inviting atmosphere and a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time. So, if you've ever enjoyed our coffee in one of our coffee shop or drive-through's, you can now try it at home!
  • COFFEE WITH A CONSCIENCE - We are fully committed to looking after our coffee growers and the environment by ensuring the people who grow our coffee, and the land they grow it on are fully supported and sustained.

Details: Siesta Coffee Master Blend: Ground Coffee for Cafetière, French Press & Home Filters | Rich Arabica & Robusta Fusion | Energizing & Aromatic | 250g Bag